PhotoSphere - Beta

Your 3-D Photo Album

Thanks for participating in the PhotoSphere Beta 1.1.

You must already have provided timefold with your device's identifier before you can use the beta test archives below.
There are actually two applications I'd like you to test:
  • PhotoSphere -- full version
  • PSPViewer -- doesn't allow adding photos
These are actually the same application, but PSPViewer doesn't allow you to snap photos or add them from the photo library. It is otherwise functionally identical. To get a PhotoSphere into PSPViewer you'll need to download one from Picasa. So, if you upload a PhotoSphere to Picasa using PhotoSphere, you can download it using PSPViewer.

Note that if you have an iPod Touch you can only add photos from your phone's photo library -- the iPod Touch doesn't have a camera.

To install these apps first download them:

Put the zip files into a directory and unzip them by double clicking on them.

Follow the directions on this page to install them on your iPhone or iPod Touch:

Installing Applications with Ad Hoc Distribution

You may also find these pages to be helpful:

I am at your disposal if you have questions or run into problems. Please feel free to contact me at 510-658-8497 or any time after 8am PDT any weekeday, or after 10am PDT on weekends.

Thanks for your help!