Online PhotoSphere Viewer Help

  • Q: How do I move the PhotoSphere?
    A: Place your mouse inside the sphere, hold it down and drag. Release the mouse while it is still inside the sphere. If you move the mouse outside the sphere it will continue to move when you move the mouse until you click inside the sphere again.

  • Q: How can I see a full-sized image for one of the thumbnails?
    A: Double-click the image. Then, double-click the full-sized image to dismiss it and return to the PhotoSphere viewer.

  • Q: What is the dot at the top of the PhotoSphere?
    A: It simply marks the top of the PhotoSphere, so you can better understand its current orientation.

  • Q: Why are some parts of the circles dashed while other parts are solid?
    A: The dashed parts are on the "back" of the sphere.

  • Q: What does the spin button do?
    A: It slowly rotates the PhotoSphere, regardless of its orientation.

  • Q: How can I create a PhotoSphere?
    A: With the PhotoSphere app for the iPhone or iPod Touch. You can learn all about PhotoSphere here:

  • Q: Can I host a PhotoSphere viewer on my own website?
    A: Only with the express, written permission of Howard Cohen. For more information contact Howard at hoco(at)photosphere(dot)timefold(dot)com.

  • Q: Can I link to the PhotoSphere viewer from a website?
    A: You are granted unrestricted permission to link to the PhotoSphere Viewer page, with the provision that there is no warantee for the PhotoSphere Viewer Page and that you assume all risk in linking to it. For example, if you post a link to the PhotoSphere Viewer page so that it displays content that is inappropriate for the web site where you posted the link, you are responsible for the content. The PhotoSphere Viewer page is a static HTML web page that contains a flash movie that loads whatever Picasa Web Album you point to, as long as it was created by PhotoSphere. Howard Cohen and Timefold are not responsible for any inappropriate use to which the PhotoSphere viewer might be put, nor for any failure of the PhotoSphere viewer to perform as expected.

The software and HTML that allows the Online PhotoSphere Viewer page to operate are all Copyright 2009 by Howard Cohen, all rights reserved worldwide. Use of PhotoSphere Viewer is offerred free of charge; however, there is warrantee for its operation and any risk in using this page is assumed by the end user. Furthermore, any use of the PhotoSphere viewer page must be via its formal URL at Specifically, you may not capture the HTML of the page and copy the associated flash and javascript files and host a PhotoSphere viewer on your own web site without written authorization from Howard Cohen. If you are interested in hosting a PhotoSphere viewer on your web site, please contact Howard Cohen at hoco(at)photosphere(dot)timefold(dot)com.