PhotoSphere -- Support

If you are having a problem with PhotoSphere that is not described in the Frequently Asked Questions page, please send email to and describe what is wrong. There is no support available by phone.

Please provide any details you think would help us fix the problem:

  • On which page did the problem occur?
    • The PhotoSphere list page?
    • The PhotoSphere Sharing list page?
    • The PhotoSphere viewer page?
    • The PhotoSphere Save page (where you can specify a name, etc)?
    • The PhotoSphere details page?
    • The full-screen Image display page?
    • The Image edit page (where you can specify a name, etc)?
    • The Sharing page for a specific PhotoSphere?
    • The Sharing Import page (used to download a photo from Picasa?)
    • The Summary page?
    • The Help page?

  • Were you performing (or attempting to perform) any of these actions at the time?
    • Add a PhotoSphere?
    • Add an image?
    • Delete an image?
    • Move an image?
    • Upload a PhotoSphere to Picasa?
    • Download a PhotoSphere from Picasa?
    • Save a PhotoSphere to your photo library?

  • Was gravity on at the time?

  • Was spin on at the time?

Please note: we may not respond to questions that are clearly covered in the FAQ

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